Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Look for Less: Hilary Duff!

Hilary Duff is one of those celebrities that can always manage to look pulled together with such ease. We love her look here! The super girly secretary skirt paired with the very guy-ish chambray shirt look classic without looking sloppy. We would do a more edgy shoe like the cut out bootie just because it kinda plays off the the bf shirt but heels or ankle boots would work with this cute little outfit!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teen Fashionista

Few celebrities can emit such a protective response like country darling, Taylor Swift. I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Taylor's. She is such a relatable and genuinely nice girl. She exudes confidence and style and reminds me a young Grace Kelly (she's a little royal in Windsor's eyes) She is the perfect role model mostly because she, herself, admits that she isn't perfect. That in itself, nowadays, is enough of a reason to love her. So many starlets have gone the way of the troubled child star but Taylor has kept herself relatively free of publicity—that is until a certain someone decided to rudely interrupt a small awards ceremony. At the risk of this post becoming an ode to Taylor we're going to stop ourselves and focus on what we absolutely love and envy about Taylor….Her fashion sense.

Taylor has made one thing abundantly clear: no matter where you go dress up and show up. She wears dresses almost exclusively and that is just a miracle in this denim kinda world. Her chic style can be casual or glam but regardless of the event, you can see that Taylor wears the clothes, she doesn't let the clothes wear her.

Homecoming 2009 is taking a cue from her style and we've recreated her cutest outfits without breaking the bank. The first look is just a publicity still but we just think the ivory is so cute!

The next look is just a simple black and white look.

We also love her love of sequins like in this dress!

The last look is, of course, a red gown. Taylor truly is the Lady in Red!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pretty Purple Princess

Purple has always been the color of royalty. It's one of the reasons that purple is one of the main colors you see throughout Windsor. I think at one point or another we've all gone through a purple phase, probably as kids. Now I can't seem to come up with the reason for it stopping being one of my fav colors. Purple is just so cute without being too Barney the dinosaur if you know what I mean. It's not too kiddie-ish.

I love, love, love the deep purple cocktail dresses that have been coming out lately. They look like little gems to me. I love that they are so simple and you don't need a whole lot of accessories to go with them. The dress always takes center stage so for someone on a budget (like me!) being able to buy just the dress and use heels and jewelry from my closet is awesome. I love the pockets (yes pockets again!) on the strapless one but the cute little bubble hem on the purple dress with a bow is just so girly that I can't decide which I want more. Dilemma. Look at all of the purple options you'll have!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Look for Less: Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale has evolved from a Disney sweetheart to a bonafide stylista. I love her boho chic style. She mixes high end Louboutin heels and a Louis bag with affordable pieces. I loved her simple California cool look at the Emmys this year. I think she was a little underdressed for this particular event. I mean the Emmys and the Oscars are the ceremonies where you can kinda go all out and get a full blown ball gown. Still I love the whole look for a party or for a dinner date. Here is the look from I love the strapless dresses with pockets Windsor has been bringing in because I never really know what to do with my hands. The heels are ones I can wear more than once because they are so simple and they will go from Fall to Spring and they are extremely affordable! Last but not least are the accessories. My favorite part of the entire outfit is the belt. This is the iconic SATC belt and I wear it with everything. It has a magical way of pulling any outfit together and for under $20 I got 2 lol.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Fierce is the New Black

This season the hottest trend isn't a style, a piece of clothing or a color. The "it" item is a fierce attitude! Nothing gives me a feeling of fierceness like a hot dress. Everywhere I look there are bold prints and vibrant jewel tone colors that can make any fashionista feel like "wow!" What better way to stand out and feel like a million bucks than to be "that girl" The one with the killer dress and the attitude to match. These dresses are absolutely fantastic. They are simple not gaudy. A lot of dresses this season seem to have some over the top icky quality but these 4 have the perfect balance of detailing and color. Eva Mendez just wore this absolutely eye catching dress and it just goes to show that when done right colors, and print can be loud without overshadowing you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Homecoming Dresses: The Long and Short of It

It is rare to find a perfect dress in both a long version (for you lucky tall girls) and a short version for us girls that are on the shorter side. That is until these cute dresses came in. Homecoming and wedding season are right around the corner and it's always kinda annoying when you find the perfect dress except for the 1 flaw. It's either long or short. If the dress is long you have more of a chance of getting it cut but then it's like you're paying double for a dress because of the extra cost. If it was just made short then you have to either settle for it or find another one. If you're like me though you'll be thinking about "the other perfect dress" and devising a scheme to either find it somewhere else or convincing mom to help you have it made. Windsor is listening to you and we've started bringing in different versions at different prices so that there are more options for Homecoming. I mean aside from the fact that the dress can either be too long or short there is also the $ factor. Its hard to find an affordable, yet perfect homecoming dress. So far here are just 2 options of the same dress: the short and long version of the animal print dress and the short and long version of the super cute one-shoulder homecoming dresses! Take your pick and happy shopping!


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