Monday, September 7, 2009

Homecoming Dresses: The Long and Short of It

It is rare to find a perfect dress in both a long version (for you lucky tall girls) and a short version for us girls that are on the shorter side. That is until these cute dresses came in. Homecoming and wedding season are right around the corner and it's always kinda annoying when you find the perfect dress except for the 1 flaw. It's either long or short. If the dress is long you have more of a chance of getting it cut but then it's like you're paying double for a dress because of the extra cost. If it was just made short then you have to either settle for it or find another one. If you're like me though you'll be thinking about "the other perfect dress" and devising a scheme to either find it somewhere else or convincing mom to help you have it made. Windsor is listening to you and we've started bringing in different versions at different prices so that there are more options for Homecoming. I mean aside from the fact that the dress can either be too long or short there is also the $ factor. Its hard to find an affordable, yet perfect homecoming dress. So far here are just 2 options of the same dress: the short and long version of the animal print dress and the short and long version of the super cute one-shoulder homecoming dresses! Take your pick and happy shopping!

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