Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Teen Fashionista

Few celebrities can emit such a protective response like country darling, Taylor Swift. I have to admit that I am a huge fan of Taylor's. She is such a relatable and genuinely nice girl. She exudes confidence and style and reminds me a young Grace Kelly (she's a little royal in Windsor's eyes) She is the perfect role model mostly because she, herself, admits that she isn't perfect. That in itself, nowadays, is enough of a reason to love her. So many starlets have gone the way of the troubled child star but Taylor has kept herself relatively free of publicity—that is until a certain someone decided to rudely interrupt a small awards ceremony. At the risk of this post becoming an ode to Taylor we're going to stop ourselves and focus on what we absolutely love and envy about Taylor….Her fashion sense.

Taylor has made one thing abundantly clear: no matter where you go dress up and show up. She wears dresses almost exclusively and that is just a miracle in this denim kinda world. Her chic style can be casual or glam but regardless of the event, you can see that Taylor wears the clothes, she doesn't let the clothes wear her.

Homecoming 2009 is taking a cue from her style and we've recreated her cutest outfits without breaking the bank. The first look is just a publicity still but we just think the ivory is so cute!

The next look is just a simple black and white look.

We also love her love of sequins like in this dress!

The last look is, of course, a red gown. Taylor truly is the Lady in Red!

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