Monday, November 9, 2009

Closet Must Have: Motorcycle Jacket

This weekend while going through my closet I realized that there are some things that I bought a few years back that are now coming back in style. To be honest I don't think some of these things ever really leave just because they are such easy pieces that can be dressed up or down regardless of the season. During this Fall closet cleaning mess I had an epiphany! Why don't we create a few posts about must have closet items and then make different outfits from these basic items! I mean how many times do we get a last minute invite to the movies and we go crazy because we can run to Windsor to grab something new and cute? Well with this new Windsor-ified closet we'll try and avoid future fashion crisis.

Closet Must Have #1: Motorcycle Jacket

This season it seems that vegan (animal free/friendly) leather is all over the place. The moto jacket is one of those things that never really leaves fashion. It usually just gets put in the back of the closet and forgotten about until we stumble upon it again. When we stumble upon it we wonder why we ever left it in the first place! Its one of those cute items that can be worn with dresses, denim, skirts, shorts, whatev. Most celebrities right now are rocking the heels with the skinny jeans and the jacket.

Here are 3 Windsor versions of this cute trend. I'll post some different outfits later on using these jackets (is it bad that I have all 3? They are all cute and different anyway.....right lol?)

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