Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's In My Bag: Accessories Buyer Edition

Not sure about you but I am slightly fascinated by YouTube's "What's in My Bag" videos. For us girls I think there's a type of validation that we get when we see that someone we look up to carries certain products. Windsor girls have some of the best things in their bags. Whether these be make-up, glitzy wallets or samples of things they are testing for customers; their bags are full of goodies.

In this post we are taking a peek at our accessory buyers' bag and we're sharing it with you so enjoy!

  • She always needs to carry a descent sized bag. When going out to see appointments she always needs to make sure that her bag is an asset and not a hindrance. She loves the versatility of this bag. You can carry it as a shoulder bag too! 
  • She always has to have her zebra sequin make-up bag for quick touch ups. This bag is actually a vintage Windsor stocking stuffer. The Hello Kitty mirror screams Kandee Johnson.
  • Even though she always carries a make-up bag she always seems to have her MAC Lipglass, powder, her fav nail polish and her Vitamin Shtick roaming free in the bag
  • She always has to have a few accessories in her bag to spice up an outfit. We can vouch for her and her love of rings and necklaces! Can you spot the necklace, rose ring, the stretchy gem ring and snake ring in here?
  • She doesn't carry a wallet perse. She actually uses this glitter zip bag to carry her money, receipts and cards. Much easier to control her "mess"
  • NEVER be caught without your sunglasses. Her's are fabulous!
  • We adore her key ring (Windsor of course). She can always find her keys in her bag regardless of the size of the bag
  • She is always traveling for work so hand sanitizer, protein bar and Diamond shaped earbuds are a must.
  • Sneak Peak for something that is arriving in stores soon: i-Phone covers. Do you love it?!

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