Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homecoming Trend Report

Well girls its that time of year again. Excuse us while we "Yay!"

Although going back to school is dreaded by most, we have to kinda get excited about the first big dance of the year, Homecoming 2010! Its the first big dance of the year and its a way to preview what Prom 2011 will be like.
We love any excuse to dress up in cute dresses! Windsor has some great dresses coming in and we are here to give you some ideas on what to wear to Fall's biggest dance event!

One of the biggest trends for Fall are jewel tones. Our faves are deep plum homecoming dresses and royal blue homecoming dresses. Here are our top 4 dresses:
Braxton $74.90                       Milly $79.90                       Wendy $79.90                           Betsy: $99.90

The next trend we're excited about is the one shoulder trend. We love the fact that you can show a little skin and still look classically chic. Just remember that when rockin' the one shoulder make sure to add cute accessories that don't clash with the shoulder strap.
Royal Blue Evening Dress $49.90       Rania-Print $89.90         Rania-Black $89.90      Emerald Green Evening Dress$46.90

Metallic colors are HUGE right now and Homecoming dresses are definitely loving this trend! Here are just a few samples of Windsor's interpretation.
Gisela $89.90            Silver Homecoming Dress $49.90      Silver Glitter Dress $39.90                 Berne $99.90

We love color at Windsor and there is no brighter and better color than red! Red homecoming dresses are definitely not for the faint of heart. Red dresses are for the girls that aren't afraid to stand out in a crowd.
Taylor $99.90                                       Columbia $89.90                               Tita $79.90

You can't have bright red dresses without mentioning one of THE biggest trends in dresses. Neutral, blush toned dresses. Windsor definitely has you covered when it comes to blush homecoming dresses. These are the girliest and cutest dresses in a while. Full of lace and ruffles that are super delicate and oh so lovely!

Brianna $89.90    Debby $89.90       Carrie $119.90        Champagne Cocktail Dress $69.90

 The next trend is one that can be worn now and later! Glitzy and glittery dresses are dresses that can be worn for Homecoming and Holidays!

Black Glitter Dresses $39.90   Foil Cocktail Dresses $46.90  Teal Glitter Dresses $39.90 

This last trend is one that we don't often see for Homecoming but these dresses are so spectacular that we couldn't leave them out. Floor length "wow" dresses are definitely for the Homecoming queen who wants all attention on her!
Ingrid $179.90                              Petula $189.90                   Vivianne $189.90



  1. 1,950 DRESSES

    “You are my hero!” shouted an overwhelmed, yet relieved customer from the dressing room of the newly opened store. Homecoming was tonight and she has been looking for weeks for that one amazing, show-stopping dress that would edify her body and mood aesthetically. Not to mention, a dress that was under $100... I can imagine the joy it brought her once she seen the price of only 59.90! It was a black one shoulder fancy dress, simple and chic. ( Long enough to dance with freedom, short enough for a peek-a-boo of her sexiness. Just two days into the Grand Opening, our customer had the chance to experience outstanding customer service while enjoying the DJ playing the latest music, and shopping with friends. Because the dress was only 59.90, she also had enough remaining money to purchase brand new accessories! It was a truly an experience for me and her. I enjoy helping the customers shop from the many different styles of dresses. Having experienced the Windsor Store shopping experience myself, made it easy to empathize with how she felt.

  2. I love all of your Betsy dresses! No matter what color or stylistic change, they always seem to be my favorite! :)

  3. I just absolutely love the Vivianne dress! I can't find it though:( Can someone help me? even in a gently used condition, I just love it so.

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    The dress is sold out at the moment but were are expecting the dress to come in September. What size and when did you need it by?



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