Sunday, December 26, 2010

Get the Chelsea Staub Look for Prom 2011!

When we saw Chelsea wearing this Romona Keveza dress we almost died! This dress is gorgeous no matter which angle you look at it. The black lace is chic, elegant and the shape of the dress makes it super fun! The original dress had a belt on it and it pockets. We decided that our prom version needed nothing more than the lace and the asymmetrical design. We kept the accessories simple in order to let the dress be the standout piece in this outfit. What can we say, we always think that Chelsea can do no wrong and what better proof than this gorgeous look.
Celeb Image Courtesy of

Chelsi Dress: $99.00
Earrings: $8.90
Shoes: $34.90
Clutch: $22.90

Bracelet: $19.90

Sunday, December 19, 2010

What to Wear During the Holidays!

Wondering what to wear during the holidays? Don't fret! Here are jsut some ideas for two very different type of parties.
Our first outfit is comfy, cute and casual. It's definitely for that small family and friend dinner that doesn't require a whole lot of dressing up. But just because a dinner invite says casual it doesn't mean that you don't have to look cute. Our outfit will keep you warm and allow you to eat without making you look like you just rolled out of bed. We paired some deceptively stretchy skinny jeans with a flowy top with the loveliest back, a totally in-season faux leather bomber jacket and peep toe shooties along with some well placed accessories for a totally cute Christmas Eve outfit.
Jacket: $34.90 Top: $24.90 Jeans: $24.90 Shoes: $32.90 Earrings: $8.90 Bracelet: $12.90

If casual is not your thing well you're in luck because we have an outfit for you! There is nothing that I love more than a dress with pockets. This colorblock dress is simple yet elegant. It can be your statement piece on its own with that neckline! Add a warm trenchcoat, some satin peep toe pumps, a toally girlie clutch and pearl ring and you're set for a more formal party!

Coat: $44.90 Dress: $49.90 Shoes: $34.90 Clutch: $22.90 Ring: $10.90

In need of more ideas? Check out our Windsor YouTube channel for MissGlamorazzi's holiday outfits! Which outfit is your favorite?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Friday Night Outfit!

The week before Christmas has turned into THE longest week ever! Whether you've had a week filled with finals or night shifts at work (or both eeek!) we know that fashion is the last thing on your mind. But don't let the week get the best of you and go out and celebrate that the week is over woo hoo!
We're doing the work for you by helping you pick a casual outfit that can get you ready for burgers and a movie with friends.
Military chic is in full swing right now (as if you didn't know) and we have to say that it is one of the comfiest styles out there. We've taken a pair of olive cargos and paired them with a loose sweater, some adorable booties and bronze accessories, an oversized tote and voila a perfect Friday night outfit!
Top: $26.90 Cargos: $36.90 Boots: $34.90 Tote: $29.90 Earrings: $8.90 Bracelets: $10.90

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Shopping: What to Get Your BFF

I LOVE the holidays. The smell of cookies and hot chocolate. It's a magical time that is enhanced by the twinkling lights and a sense of cheer that everyone shares. I'll just put this out there (as if you didn't know). Holiday shopping is hard. Plain and simple. Whether it's the long lines, the impossible parking or the inability to decide on the perfect gift. Holiday shopping can be quite stressful. Luckily, we're here to help!
One of the hardest people to shop for are our lifelong best friends.
Image Courtesy of WeHeartIt

We know them through and through so each year they seem to get harder and harder to shop for. I don't think it's because we don't know them. I think that the problem is probably that we know them too well. So well in fact, that we know exactly what they wouldn't like and why. If your bff is anything like mine; she's probably texting you telling you yet again that I better not be shopping for her. Of course, I take this as a joke (sorry Y.A.).
How can she really expect me not to shop for the person that has loaned me countless of clothes, always laughs at my 3 jokes (a mercy laugh is still a laugh) and always gets my "Devil Wears Prada" quotes and has the same obsession with all things Carrie and Edward.
Image Courtesy of WeHeartIt

If your bff is anything like mine she's into all things pretty and functional.
One of the things I know she loves is black and its ability to multitask. That's why I love this assortment for her! She can totally mix and match and accessorize as needed. The fact that she can layer a faux leather jacket, a chunky sweater or a light cardigan over the most perfect top is just her style. The ponte pants are the exact mix of comfort and chicness. Add a little bling to her fingers and her phone with a ring and iPhone case and she's set!
Just for fun I also added a little heart charm for her purse and some polish I know she's been dying for!

Sweater: $34.90 Cardigan: $29.90 Jacket: $39.90 Ring:$10.90 Charm: $10.90 Polish: $2.90 Pants: $39.90 Top: $22.90 iPhone Case: $10.90

What are you getting your bff?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What to Wear Holiday Shopping!

 Ok so I must say that this is my favorite time of the year! Surprisingly it's not because of the days off we get for the Holidays (although those are more than welcomed)

This is the time when we all get to go shopping at our fav stores for our fav people. Of course, being that Windsor employees work at a pretty great store, we do have it easier to find presents. We'll be doing a few gift guides to help you with your purchases but today I got to go shopping and I must say that wearing comfy clothes made all the difference with my attitude. If dressing comfortably (and cute in my humble opinion) can make up for the fact that I had to brave the mall and holiday traffic and the infamous parking dilemma today then so be it.

You have to make sure to dress comfortably and strategically. While taking these two things into account is important, looking cute is also a requirement. We are Windsor girls after all.
When braving the mall you're bound to see a few things you'd like for yourself so make sure to wear items that allow you to try things on without having to stand in a mile long line for a fitting room.

Today I dressed as simply as possible. Loose top, ponte pants, flats, light sweater that won't bog me down and alarmingly large bag (who wants to carry small little bags that dig in to yur wrist right?!?)

My accessories were decided on based a utilitarian need. The fact that I can tell time with a to-die for watch well that's just bonus. Add a polish in Windsor Purple and I had to say my day was a success before I even got to the mall. What do you think?

Top: $14.90 Pants:$34.90 Sweater: $29.90 Watch: $32.90 Shoes: $14.90 Bag: $29.90 Polish: $2.90 Necklace: $8.90

How do you dress for strategic mall maneuvering?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nina Dobrev Inspired Look!

We have a confession to make. We are absolutely and unashamedly OBSESSED with The Vampire Diaries! Yes, we swoon over Damon and Stefan. We are anxious to see if Katherine will get her way or if love will truly overcome. Most of all, we tune in every week to see Nina Dobrev's girl-next-door slash vampire's love interest style!
We're sure that this is only the first of many posts to come so we'll keep this one simple. We love this very easy yet ah-dorable look that Nina Dobrev was sporting while out and about. You can never go wrong with an easy blazer and black skirt. Add a few strategic accessories (yes we are suggesting you add a necklace and a scarf!) and voila you're ready for a chic day of errands.

Image Courtsey of The Vogue Diaries

Blazer: $44.90 Skirt:$22.90 Shirt: $22.90 Boots: $34.90

Scarf: $10.90 Necklace: $10.90 Bag: $32.90 Watch:$16.90 Bracelets: $15.90 Cell Cover: $10.90


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