Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Shopping: What to Get Your BFF

I LOVE the holidays. The smell of cookies and hot chocolate. It's a magical time that is enhanced by the twinkling lights and a sense of cheer that everyone shares. I'll just put this out there (as if you didn't know). Holiday shopping is hard. Plain and simple. Whether it's the long lines, the impossible parking or the inability to decide on the perfect gift. Holiday shopping can be quite stressful. Luckily, we're here to help!
One of the hardest people to shop for are our lifelong best friends.
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We know them through and through so each year they seem to get harder and harder to shop for. I don't think it's because we don't know them. I think that the problem is probably that we know them too well. So well in fact, that we know exactly what they wouldn't like and why. If your bff is anything like mine; she's probably texting you telling you yet again that I better not be shopping for her. Of course, I take this as a joke (sorry Y.A.).
How can she really expect me not to shop for the person that has loaned me countless of clothes, always laughs at my 3 jokes (a mercy laugh is still a laugh) and always gets my "Devil Wears Prada" quotes and has the same obsession with all things Carrie and Edward.
Image Courtesy of WeHeartIt

If your bff is anything like mine she's into all things pretty and functional.
One of the things I know she loves is black and its ability to multitask. That's why I love this assortment for her! She can totally mix and match and accessorize as needed. The fact that she can layer a faux leather jacket, a chunky sweater or a light cardigan over the most perfect top is just her style. The ponte pants are the exact mix of comfort and chicness. Add a little bling to her fingers and her phone with a ring and iPhone case and she's set!
Just for fun I also added a little heart charm for her purse and some polish I know she's been dying for!

Sweater: $34.90 Cardigan: $29.90 Jacket: $39.90 Ring:$10.90 Charm: $10.90 Polish: $2.90 Pants: $39.90 Top: $22.90 iPhone Case: $10.90

What are you getting your bff?

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