Saturday, December 11, 2010

What to Wear Holiday Shopping!

 Ok so I must say that this is my favorite time of the year! Surprisingly it's not because of the days off we get for the Holidays (although those are more than welcomed)

This is the time when we all get to go shopping at our fav stores for our fav people. Of course, being that Windsor employees work at a pretty great store, we do have it easier to find presents. We'll be doing a few gift guides to help you with your purchases but today I got to go shopping and I must say that wearing comfy clothes made all the difference with my attitude. If dressing comfortably (and cute in my humble opinion) can make up for the fact that I had to brave the mall and holiday traffic and the infamous parking dilemma today then so be it.

You have to make sure to dress comfortably and strategically. While taking these two things into account is important, looking cute is also a requirement. We are Windsor girls after all.
When braving the mall you're bound to see a few things you'd like for yourself so make sure to wear items that allow you to try things on without having to stand in a mile long line for a fitting room.

Today I dressed as simply as possible. Loose top, ponte pants, flats, light sweater that won't bog me down and alarmingly large bag (who wants to carry small little bags that dig in to yur wrist right?!?)

My accessories were decided on based a utilitarian need. The fact that I can tell time with a to-die for watch well that's just bonus. Add a polish in Windsor Purple and I had to say my day was a success before I even got to the mall. What do you think?

Top: $14.90 Pants:$34.90 Sweater: $29.90 Watch: $32.90 Shoes: $14.90 Bag: $29.90 Polish: $2.90 Necklace: $8.90

How do you dress for strategic mall maneuvering?

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