Sunday, January 23, 2011

Golden Globes Recap: Prom-spiration 2011!

What can we say that you haven't read in the last 24 hours. We all know who we liked as the best dressed at this point. Yep, we also know who the mags and other bloggers loved. For the most part what can we say other than we agree with the lot of them.
If you haven't noticed Windsor has a thing for dresses. We're kinda obsessed with them. Like legitimately obsessed (visit our offices and you'll see we mean business when it comes to dresses lol).
Hanging from our desks are samples, swatches, and pictures all dedicated to this fantastic creation that inhabits every girl's closet.
While we adore watching the awards shows every year and rooting for our fav movies and shows (yay Glee!) we have to be quite honest and admit we watch the shows for the fashion. You see we have dresses on the brain, like all the time. Our amazing dress buyers are always on the hunt for the next big trend.  One of the shows that they watch every year is, of course, the Golden Globes.
Here are some the trends that were big at the GGs and we loved for prom 2011!
Nude Dresses take the prize. All we can say is that there is nothing blah about this color. If anything it looks good on just about every skin color. We love the versatility of this color and the fact that you can wear almost any accessory with it.  Here are our fav nude dresses.

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If you're looking for a prom dress inspired by some of these looks than look no further!
        Ingrid: $179.90                             Vivianne: $189.90                                            Aria: $199.90                                                                                                   

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