Tuesday, January 25, 2011

One Top, 2 Ways

I am someone who is on the lookout for a great deal. One of the things that I always look out for is the CPW or the cost-per-wear of an item. I mean I will always justify a purchase by dividing the price of an item by the times I plan on wearing it. For example, I totally made my bf feel better by telling him that since I've worn the bracelet he gave me almost every day for a year his gift came to pennies a day and how can you pass up something that costs you pennies right?!?
Well, that's where this absolutely perfect red top comes in.

I love the ruffle detail on the back and the fact that it's so lightweight that I can wear a coat or blazer over it without feeling bulky but since it'snot sheer I can wear it on its own. It looks good tucked into a pencil skirt or loose over some casual denim shorts. Here are two totally different ways to wear this top. At $19.90 wearing it twice makes this top under $10! How could I pass this deal up right? I'm totally considering the black version too by the way. What can I say I'm a shop-a-holic.
Tank: $19.90 Blazer: $44.90 Skirt: $19.90 Bag: $32.90 Shoes: $26.90  Bracelet: $10.90

Tank: $19.90 Shorts: $22.90 Bag: $32.90 Ring: $6.90 Earrings: $8.90 Sandals: $14.90 Sunglasses: $8.90


  1. can windsor ship to New Zealand ?

  2. Sadly we don't yet but we've heard great things about myus.com



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