Monday, January 24, 2011

The Spring "It" Dress!

Every season there is always one item that comes into our offices that just blows us away. That's the story behind this adorbs pale pink dress. Not only is the color perfect for any event this season, the price is also unreal! It's under $45!

This is a dress that you will come to use time and again. It's simple yet chic and elegant. It can be accessorized for a semi formal dinner or it be done up for a formal wedding. You can wear it to parties, dates, weddings, and so much more. Here is just one look but I'm sure you'll be able to find that this dress is beyond versatile.
Dress: $44.90 Earrings: $10.90 Bracelet: $12.90 Shoes: $42.90 Bag: $22.90

By the way does this dress remind you of the cute dress Selena Gomez wore not too long ago?

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