Monday, February 28, 2011

Must Read Monday: The Hunger Games


         Today we’ll be reviewing “The Hunger Games” by Suzanne Collins. Brace yourself this is a long review but we couldn't help it. This book is just that good. All we can say is if you haven’t read this book. Stop reading this review and run to your local bookstore and get it! You are missing out on one of the best book series’ of the last few years. While we’re inclined to say that this may be just as good, if not (gasp!) better than Twilight, we won’t go that far. The reason being that this series has no supernatural aspects within it so it’s hard to compare themsince technically they are two different types of fiction. The book actually focuses on pretty normal teenagers from a not too distant future. Unlike “The Mortal Instruments,” which we reviewed last week, this book has a powerful message and we heard it loud and clear. We are the YouTube and reality TV generation. We are a generation who depends on the media a little too much at times. We are so desensitized to violence that we actually pay to see gore. This book series focuses on the repercussions of our extremely media-centric society. The author herself said that she was inspired to write this series after channel surfing and coming across some footage of the Iraq war and subsequently, some footage, of a reality competition show.

          The book’s heroine is Katniss, a young girl who lives in one of 12 Districts. The U.S. has collapsed because of war, famine, droughts and fires. Each year two kids from each District get chosen to enter the Hunger Games. These games are used as a reminder of what happens when the Districts try to overturn the ruling government. We use the term “games” loosely because these games are anything but. They are extremely intense and in the end there can only be one winner. The only way to win is by killing all of the other competitors. The competition is broadcast to everyone in the Districts and to make matters worse, the citizens actually bet on the winners!

      Katniss isn’t actually picked to enter the games, she volunteers to enter instead of her littler sister, who was chosen. A boy named Peeta is chosen as well. They both go in facing overwhelming odds since neither of them are fighters. Things don’t get much easier as the beginning of the games approach and Peeta reveals some pretty intense things to the public. We won’t give you any spoilers but let’s just say that the bomb he drops is a big one and it sets the tone for the entire book. If you have to read one book series this year make it “The Hunger Games” you won’t reget it. You’ll finish this book in one sitting and be running for the sequel I guarantee you that.

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