Friday, February 18, 2011

Prom Dresses by Color: Pink

When thinking about prom dresses there are a few quintessential colors that all girls flock to. In this series we’ll be posting a few little tidbits of information that will hopefully help you decide what your prom color should be. Once you decided on your prom dress color everything will seem to fall in to place. From the accessories to the coordinating outfit that your date will wear will just magically figure itself out. Picking a prom dress color is the first step towards getting to the prom of your dreams. First up, of course, is the color pink.
Do you find yourself looking at your closet and finding that it looks like this?

If so then your prom dress color may be pink. The good thing about finding a pink prom dress is that you can have a variety of options. Just because you choose to wear a pink dress it doesn’t mean you have to go the uber girly route. There are a variety of dresses that can suit the sweet girl, the rocker girl, the classic girl and even the vixen. It’s all about the accessories really.
Here are a few ways to wear pink to prom that you might like!
The rock girl always has some type of edge to her. This pink prom dress has a leopard lining that definitely gives her that. Add some black accessories and you're good to go!
Celeste: $199.90 Hairband: $12.90 Clutch: $19.90  Ring: $6.90 Bracelet: $10.90 Shoes: $19.00

The classic girl wears a lighter shade of pink with a few minimalistic silver accessories. A simple pink strapless dress will do the trick.
Pink Dress: $46.90 Bracelet: $12.90 Shoes: $34.90 Clutch: $22.90 Necklace: $14.90 Earrings: $6.90

The sweet girl could not wear pink without some adorable embellishments on her dress! From the fabric to the bubble skirt this dress screams sweet!

Brina: $124.90 Necklace: $8.90 Earrings: $6.90 Bracelet: $10.90 Shoes: $32.90 Clutch: $22.90

The vixen will always step up what she's wearing. This color pops and of course the rhinestone accent on the  bust definitely scream vixen!
Pink Dress: $49.90 Necklace: $13.90 Earrings: $10.90 Shoes: $42.90 Clutch: $22.90 Bracelet: $10.90 

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