Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring-spiration is Everywhere!

The thing about fashion is that inspiration can come from anywhere. Talk to any designer and they will be the first to tell you that when creating a new collection they take ideas from their every day lives. There really isn’t any specific way to go about getting inspired. I think it’s because of this reason that when asked what inspired a designer’s look, the most common answer you’ll get is “their muse.”

This “muse” can range from a person to a picture or artifact. That’s why when we saw the “Playing with Matches” article in the latest Lucky issue we just had to try it!

The idea itself is pretty simple. Take a simple image and pull out the dominant colors and use these colors as your launching pad for an entire look. We found this image and I totally think that it's the epitome of Spring and the color palette is just perfect. All of the colors are very pale and muted (totally my fav palette of all time).

Although you would think that these colors wouldn’t compliment each other they actually work well together.

Here is our outfit. The thing that brings everything together is the boho top with the floral print. It has just the right amount of colors to pull this looks off.
Cardi: $26.90 Top: $26.90 Jeans: $36.90 Bracelet: $4.90 Necklace: $10.90 Shoes: $14.90 Purse: $35.90

We did our take now it’s your turn to see where your inspiration takes you.

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