Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Clarissa Explains It All

The inspiration from today’s post is coming to us straight from the 90s. It was just announced that a cult favorite for many people is returning to TV (along with some other nostalgia inducing shows). “Clarissa Explains It All” was to many people the iCarly of its day. In fact, if I can be so bold, I think that this show was actually one of the shows that kind of paved the way for teen stars like Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato and Debby Ryan. Clarissa Darling was the coolest girl. She was one of those girls that can look totally amazing while also looking like she threw things on. While we definitely don’t want to recreate her outfits exactly, we still want to maintain the Clarissa Darling essence.

 The main requirement for a “Clarissa-Approved” outfit is layering. Throw things together that you wouldn't normally do, like denim shorts and tights. You also have to remember to have fun with your outfit and use fun and bright colors.
Our first outfit is totally casual and fun. We added the quintessential leather jacket, a bright printed top and of course some tights and shorts.
Jacket: $34.90 Top: $16.90 Shorts: $26.90 Tights: $8.90 Shoes: $14.90 Watch: $16.90

Our second outfit is perfect for lounging around the house with your bff. The leather jacket is a staple of Clarissa's (along with her Docs). This top has a fun print and the legging shorts complete the look. We added a fun hat and a bright red leather belt because it wouldn't be a Clarissa outfit without color.

Jacket: $34.90 Top: $29.90 Shorts: $5.90 Belt: $12.90 Shoes: $14.90 Hat: $12.90
 Our last outfit is for a casual night out. That's the thing about Clarissa's outfits, no matter what she's doing she always dresses for fun and for comfort. We mixed a bright top and bright printed skirt and added the much needed headband and floral cuff and we finished it off with a brown fitted faux leather jacket.
Jacket: $34.90 Skirt: $24.90 Top: $26.90 Headband: $8.90 Cuff: $10.90 Shoes: $14.90
What do you think? Do our outfits meet the Clarissa criteria for the 2011 crowd?

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