Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Lakers are for (Style) Lovers

It used to be that if you wanted to see celebs strut their stilettos you'd have to head out to movie premieres, shopping in Beverly Hills or Santa Monica or at award shows. Times have certainly changed because now you can find the best style at a basketball game. Since Windsor was founded in California I have to admit that we have a soft spot for the Lakers. I won't get into a sporting debate about what teams are the best because in this game the skills and heart of the players determine this. Our opinion on the best team is completely unbiased when we say that your team is the best ;) What I will say is that it is hard to find a group of better dressed attendees/fans than the ones that go to a Laker game in California.
Our Inspiration Wednesday post comes from the wide range of styles that show up at these games. How awesome is it that in one row you can find a celeb in sneakers and in another row you can find another celeb in Louboutins. There is no dress code at this event and this makes for quite a turn out.

Most attendees tend to gravitate towards a more comfy and casual look because at most basketball games you stand up and sit down too many times to count. Jeans and loose tanks are the norm.
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You can thank the Kardashians for upping the glamour at a basketball game. Their style is beyond chic and no matter who the Lakers are playing they show up looking fierce. Our motto at Windsor is that "It's All About Dressing Up!" Nobody dresses up better than the Kardashians and of course who can ever miss Victoria Beckham. Only she can manage to be casual in a tank and jeans and still look runway and paparazzi ready.
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Laker Game Essentials:

So now that you've seen celebs' take on game style it's time for you to do your own look. Before you head to your closet there are a few basics that you must have at a laker game. Purple and Yellow are a must! Whether its a tank or loose top you have to wear your team colors with pride. This doesn't go for just the Lakers. Regardless of your team loyalty, always wear your loyalty with pride.
From Top: Purple Top//Yellow Top//Yellow Tank//Purple Top

Denim is the one thing that the glam and "casual" set have in common. Jeans have little to no embellishment and are comfy but chic.
Dark Jeggings//Cigarette Jeans//Dark Denim Jeans

Now that you've seen a few examples I leave you with this image. An image that speaks volumes and that you will see in ANY state at any basketball game. Fans staring at the clock waiting to see the outcome of a game well played. Can you feel the anxiety and excitement?!
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