Tuesday, April 19, 2011

On Trend Tuesday: Coachella aka Unofficial Start of Summer

Coachella, at least in my opinion, is the unofficial launch of Summer. Yes, I know I am totally getting ahead of myself by like a month or two but I can't help it. These last few weeks of school or work (for the lucky few that get a Summer break) seem to go on for-e-ver. Its probably because we can't wait to just hang out with friends with no pressure and enjoying the days and nights outside.
This is exactly why I consider Coachella the start of Summer. There is a feeling in the air that's caused by warm weather, cool drinks and cool people who get together to chill out and listen to some really good bands. Aside from the weather and the feelings that Coachella evokes, I also love the fact that there seems to be a very discernible shift in the fashion of the girls and guys in Cali.
Prior to this, most girls are still wearing tights, cardis, and long sleeve tops. At Coachella girls come out in their boho chic best. Comfy meets cute and simplicity and no-fuss fashion reigns supreme. I sincerely dare you to spot a 4 inch heel Louboutin at this event.
Shorts, maxi skirts and mini skirts along with knit tops, tank tops, crop tops and of course lots of headwear and comfy shoes are the uniform of choice by both the "regular" people and celebrities.
via JustJared.com

If you didn't get to go to Coachella don't get bummed. Evoke the feel by creating your own camp out and dressing up in your worn in Summer Staples. Need a new pair of go to staples you say? Well we've got you covered. First, make sure you have a dark and light pair of denim shorts.
Second, make sure you have a good maxi skirt.
Third, you need basic tanks
Last but not least, you need a really cute hat. Safety in the sun is no joke. So look cute while protecting your skin with these two hats.


Now that we've covered all your Summer essentials go and have some fun and let the magic of Summer begin! By the way, how will you be spending your Summer break?

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