Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On Trend Tuesday

We're starting a new series on Tuesdays that we hope you'll like and if you don't then tell us what you want to see. We love your suggestions! This series is called "On Trend Tuesdays." The focus will be on things that we consider trendy and that we think you should know about. These will vary from fashion to music and much, much more.
On trend today are short strapless prom dresses. We have been coming across celebs sporting totally adorbs strapless dresses to all kinds of events. While we're all for floor length dresses, there is something to say about a dress that is minimal in embellishment and fabric(tastefully of course). These type of dresses are meant to complement the wearer without overpowering them.
Recently, we noticed the girls from a "little movie" we are dying to see called Prom along with one of our fav little liars wearing this style. How beyond gorgeous do they look?!

The "LWD" or little white dress is a must this season. The only rule when it comes to the LWD is that it has to be special. Our version has a subtle sparkle that makes it stand out much like the ones the girls are wearing above.
The LBD is a must no matter what. It's a staple of any girls' wardrobe. There are so many different styles otu there so it's crucial that your LBD has something that makes it special. Our take on the LBD has a little extra detail on the waist that will definitely make it stand out. The price doesn't hurt either.
The last dress we saw comes in one of our fav colors, purple(as if you couldn't tell from our walls right lol).
 While we can do something simple we decided to kick it up a notch and add a little bling to make the dress even more special. Gotta love a dress with no accessories required.

What do you think? Are these dresses on trend?
(Images Courtesy of JustJared.com)

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