Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Iconic Brunettes

In today's post we're straying a little bit from our Inspiration Wednesday format. You can thank Audrey Hepburn for that. Today Audrey would have been 82. She was a beautiful woman, a great actress and was the epitome of class. Yes, she was fashionable and yes she was a renowned actress. However, these aren't the things that make her an iconic legend in our eyes. To be perfectly honest with you, the thing that stands out above everything else is the wonderful human being that she was. Much of her later life was dedicated to helping children in third world countries through UNICEF. Audrey knew that the most valuable things in this world aren't money, clothes, or fame. She valued people above everything else. For this we admire her.

Lately we've come across and worked with a few exceptional girls that have a little Audrey in them. What we mean by this is that they are girls who have outer beauty but it is their inner beauty that blows our mind. They are girls who don't take a day for granted and enjoy life as it comes. They handle so many things with such poise its astounding. While it would be very easy for these girls to sit back and focus just on themselves; they don't in fact they are girls who take advantage of what they have to help others. One such girl is Ingrid or MissGlamorazzi.

Ingrid has a YouTube channel that is based around beauty. The thing is that the beauty videos that she does don't just focus on outer beauty. She exemplifies what Audrey stood for which is inner beauty. This girl has worked hard and earned everything she has. Nothing has been handed to her. It would be very easy to sit back and enjoy the ride but Ingrid has taken her voice and used it to help others. How many girls do you know who take time and their own money to create a giveaway in order to raise awareness on the exploitation of children?
Ingrid stands by the fact that she is just a normal and average girl but we beg to differ. We see the Audrey-ness peeking through and no amount of make-up can hide that. If you doubt us take a look at the best video she has ever done. If there were ever doubts about the character of this girl, this video destroys them.

For now we leave you with Audrey's very famous quote:
We hope it inspires you as much as it does us. Do you know any people that have a little Audrey in them? Do you have a little Audrey in you?

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  1. both Ingrid and Audry are truly an inspiration! ;) thanks for this post!!



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