Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: May Flowers

Today's Inspiration Wednesday post comes courtesy of my favorite season; Spring. Is there anything lovelier than then first Spring flowers? I'm pretty sure there aren't. Flowers have a special place in our Windsor hearts thanks to our dearly loved founder Maurice. Due to this it should come as no surprise that flowers are always a big source of inspiration for us, even our outfits can sometimes have a little flora in them.
Our color palette today has a pastel feel to it but it since it's a little darker it is wearable by most everyone. The weather is alot nicer but it is definitely starting to heat up so long and heavy jeans are out of the question. We like to be outside and enjoy this wonderful weather so we kept everything simple and wearable. We added few little beauty necessities and now we're set for a fun day in the sun!
What do you think about our flora inspired outfit? Did we hit or miss the mark?

1 comment:

  1. In spring Season-may flower!!
    Thanks for inspirational Flowers suggestion!!Windsor Florists



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