Monday, May 30, 2011

Must Read Monday: Clarity by Kim Harrington

After being kinda bummed about Jenny Han's Summer series ending (review here) I was in the mood for a thriller/who-dunnit type of book. I browsed Amazon and I came across Clarity by Kim Harrington. Now before I get on to the review I have to say that just browsing for books I realized that having a Kindle is mar-vah-lous dah-ling! I never realized how many indie authors are just publishing online and not printing their books because it is so cost effective.
It makes sense in so many ways I mean it saves a tree and a it saves a buck. I can't even begin to tell you how much I have saved by downloading instead of buying a book. While I still love going to the bookstore and just browsing, coffee in hand, sometimes I forget all of the authors that I can miss by not straying from my typical aisles. So be prepared for some reviews of lesser known authors (at least for me) in the upcoming weeks. Best thing is you don't even need a Kindle to buy books online for .99 cents! Just download the reader to your computer and you can read on your computer. Ok now on to Clarity.

What It's About:
Clarity or Clare is a girl with the ability to see things. She's not psychic by any means but she can see into people and discover things. She lives with her brother and mom who both have extra sensory "powers."
She is ostracized at school and considered a freak because of this and because her family has a pseudo-psychic business.
After a girl turns up dead in her town, her ex-boyfriend, reluctantly asks for her help. She agrees because her brother has become the prime suspect. Aside from trying to keep her brother out of jail she also has to put up with the lead police officers's son who absolutely despises psychics.

Why You Should Read It:
I know that the premise of the book is a little out there but believe me, as hair-brained as the summary may seem the book is actually pretty cool. It really keeps you guessing the whole way through and the romance, although included in the book, does not over power the main plot of the story. Kim Harrington has done a great job for her first novel and I can't wait for the sequel to this book to come out.
Oh yes be warned, while the plot of this book does come to a conclusion, the author most definitely ends it on a cliffhanger. I love books like this! Books where everything makes sense at the end and you realize the clues were always there for you to figure it out.

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