Monday, May 23, 2011

Must Read Monday: We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han

Well girls we've come to the last book in the Summer series by Jenny Han....

What It's About:

We'll Always Have Summer by Jenny Han is the last book in the series. It is the culmination of a series of Summers that Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah have spent growing up. In this last book, we follow Belly as she finally decides on which Fisher boy she's going to end up with. In the second book, a relationship starts with Jeremiah and we actually get to hear from his point of view. In this third book we finally get to hear from Conrad. That in itself makes the book a must buy in my eyes. To finally be able to hear what is going through his head is incredible and you feel bad for Conrad in spite of his previous actions.
In this third book there is a lot of heartbreak because of the actions of both boys so be wary, you will need Kleenex to read this book.

Why You Should Read It:

I can't state how lovely these books are (read my previews book reviews here and here). There aren't many words to describe how beautiful I think this story is and how much I sincerely encourage all of you to pick up these books. The set really is a must read. It's not just a Summer read anymore. I know that I have described them as a quintessential Summer read but to be honest the story developed into much more than I expected it to. I really did love these books and I think that the reason for this is because it is a story about growing up and becoming the person you are meant to be. I think that the story worked out in the best way, at least in my opinion. The journey that the characters undergo is a necessity in order to fully appreciate each other. I loved finally getting to understand all the characters completely. This last book was bittersweet for me because as much as I wanted to see who ended up with who, I really didn't want the story to end. Jenny Han you have created such a wonderful story and I don't know what compliment I can give you that can express how much your books meant but please know that I will be re-reading these books through out my life because they really do speak to me as I'm sure they have spoken to so many other girls.
So much growing up happens during Summer in spite of the fact that it seems like the shortest season in my eyes. I blame my awesome school for having classes 9 months out of the year. For the longest time I really did think there were only two seasons; school season and Summer. I know silly but I'm in California and I was young.
This quote is perfect because I think it applies to us all:

"There are moments in every girls life that are bigger than we know at the time. when you look back, you say that was one of those life-changing fork in the road moments and I didn't see it coming and then there are the moments that you know are big that whatever you do next there will be an impact. Your life could go one of two directions, DO or DIE."

Pick up this story and I guarantee that you will be reminded of your Summers, your friends, your own fork in the road moment and your first loves regardless of how old you are. For now I leave you with one of my favorite summer songs. One that that really exemplifies the feeling I get when I think of these books.

Tell me what you think of these books and let me know if there are any books I should be picking up to review next.

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