Monday, May 2, 2011

Must Read Monday: Where She Went by Gayle Forman

Last week I reviewed "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman and after finishing it I couldn't wait to get started on "Where She Went." My only concern was how is the author going to top such a great book? I needn't have worried because Gayle not only topped herself but she also set the bar for alot of authors. The thing about these books is that although they are written with teenagers in mind, they are books that can be read and applied to adults as well. The writing is so amazing and heartfelt that anyone who reads them will benefit from them.

What It's About:
Where She Went is the sequel to If I Stay. It takes place three years after the accident (I'll try to not give any spoilers here on If I Stay but I apologize in advance if I do). This book is told from Adam's perspective. As a reader I think you'll appreciate the difference in voices. In the first book you got to know Mia and how she was feeling and what she was going through. The beauty of the sequel is that it also helps you get into the head of someone who went through the same ordeal but had a different perspective for what happened. As the victim of circumstance, Mia was who we lived the loss through but I have to admit that, while I felt sorry for everyone around her, I thought no one could feel as much a loss as she had. Point blank, I was so wrong. I wont go into detail but the difference in perspective gives us a whole new way to look at things.
The way that Gayle writes is so poignant and heartfelt and so full of pain that you can't help but be drawn into Adam's dark world and most importantly you understand him and why he went where he did. You might think that because this book is told through Adam that it is only his story but it really isn't just his. At the end of the day this is both Adam and Mia's story. Both of them went through something that has inevitably tied them together.

Why You Should Read It:
Have you ever read a book that feels like a song? I don't know how else to explain it but this is exactly what this book feels like. One beautiful, rip your heart out and glue it back together type of song. I don't consider myself a great music buff but I do love music. I listen to all types of genres but the one thing that most of my favorite bands have in common are great lyrics. Music has a way of putting into words whatever it is you're going through. Whether I am going to the gym, driving, working, studying, music is always on. You can always tell my mood by what I'm listening to. To me this is what this book is. It's happy, sad , angry, and so many other feelings. I think that this is definitely a book well worth picking up. I guarantee you that you'll love it. My fav part is hard to narrow down but one of the things that sticks out and I appreciated the most are the lyrics that the author interspersed throughout the book. I really wish that Adam's band truly existed because I would have gotten their CD without a second thought. Don't cheat yourself though, read If I Stay first. This sequel will mean that much more to you if you do. For now I leave you with the lyrics of one of the most important songs in the book.

First you inspect me
Then you dissect me
Then you reject me
I wait for the day
That you’ll resurrect me
“Animate” Collateral Damage, Track 1

Go on and read them and then come back and tell me what you thought about this book. I really want to know so post your comments and lets chat about it.

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