Friday, May 13, 2011

Three Way Thursday (Although it's Friday): The White Dress

Dress $26.90
Goodness gracious! Blogger is finally up! Time to do the happy dance with us. Ok now that the random burst of happiness has been had it's time to put up our Three Way Thursday post. Blogger was not cooperating and we were so bummed because these outfits are so cool! This week we're focusing on the white dress. There are so many graduations coming up and the white dress seems like the must have item for those itchy polyester contraptions we have to wear. While we think the LWD (little white dress) is definitely an item worth having in our closet, it isn't always everyone's must have item. We like to think of the LWD as a blank canvas so we went a little crazy and even threw a skirt in the mix to show the possibilities.

The first look is perfect for under the grad gown. The accessories and jacket can be removed and added as needed when putting on the cap and gown but they aren't too fussy. The fun thing about this outfit is that you are getting a preview of one of our upcoming scarves. Here's a suggestion for substitute scarf in the meantime.

The second outfit is perfect for going out to celebrate that night with your friends. It's so simple to turn this dress from a daytime outfit to a nigh time outfit by adding just the right amount of accessories in the go to night time color: black.
Oh but you say you have a dinner with your family first and need to dress it down a little. Well this may just be one of our fav looks. Mostly because it shows you how creative you can be. Our stylist/buyer was a genius and made the dress look totally different by adding a cute little skirt. When she did this she opened up our eyes to the endless possibilities in our closet!
What do you think of these outfits? Does it make you want to try the LWD? Well in case you do we're giving you 20% off site wide this weekend only (5/14-5/15) with code GRAD2011.

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