Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three Way Thursday: The Faux Leather Vest

As you may know we at Windsor LOVE animals (just look at our Daily Wrinkle). It should come as no surprise then that even our clothing is animal friendly. This vest is a faux leather one and it happens to also be this week's must buy item.

Today we want to show you that you don't have to be biker chick to rock the vest. This first look is a little more girlie and fun. We mixed a leopard print and a sun hat along with a few well placed accessories for a look that screams brunch.


The next look is a more polished look that is perfect for the office. Who says you can't do biker chic from 9-5?
The last look is perfect for date night. It has a soft floral print skirt which softens the tough vest.


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