Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

So the lovely Sydney from The Daybook came up with this idea quite some time ago and it is by far one of our favorite posts. I like feeling that I'm a normal spaz just like everyone else. No one is perfect and that is ok. To help me with this post (which if you like I'll keep going on a weekly basis along with Three Way Thursday) I asked about what awkward and awesome things happened to my office coworkers. Let's just say that even fashionistas have their disasters and they're all not fashion related. For the protection of people's egos no names have been used. Here we go!

Being in a room full of coworkers and being unable to open the door. Remember to turn the knob and then pull
Trying really hard to pay attention to someone speak while simultaneuously ignoring the loud rumbly in our tummies
Being a very nice coworker and trying on a new rhinestone bustier for sizing purposes. Sparkly bra and working environment do not mix at all times
Typing the wrong URL and landing in a completely work inappropriate site. Did we mention this was in a meeting with some VERY important people
Locking a coworker in the office after hours. Police were called and gates were broken.
Running out of coffee and fearing for the lives of your coworkers.
Losing the car keys at an off site photoshoot for HOURS and then finding them on the car door.
Texting and walking thus not realizing that we walked into the mens restroom until we saw the men
Calling the driver incessantly to ask for the spare keys of aforementioned car and finally having someone pick up only to have him say "This is Alfredo who is this man who keeps getting calls from women! Every day I get messages from women saying they need this guy to come and get things for them. You have the wrong number!"

Employee apprecciation day= free lunch for everyone! Did we mention we have the best bosses/owners of the company? We really do.

Getting ready for a 3 day weekend. We love our jobs but who doesn’t love a day off!
Finally being able to help customers overseas! International customers and APO customers shop away!
Our new “Like” button on the site. Have you Liked Windsor today?
Being sent to IMATS for research

Getting to make outfits for fun based on our own style
Heading out with the buyers so they can listen to our opinion and then having them bring the items in! Did we mention we work with awesome people?
Mini.Diet.Cokes. Happiness in a can!
Carly Cristman's Summer Picks and oh yeah her videos!
Katie from Running on Happiness rocking our skirt like no ones business

New arrivals coming in on employee shopping day
Seeing our items in both Redbook AND PSW this month. (Slightly awkward moment happened when we realized that one of our items made the cover and we werent paying attention while walking thus leading to us crashing into the mirror. Pain is not awesome.)

Now tell us your awkward and awesome moments this week. We'd love to hear that you're normal like us!


  1. We're so excited to be working with you ladies and helping all the girls abroad get some great clothes!

    Hope you have a fabulous 4th!

  2. Thanks Lauren! Thank you so much for helping us help our newest customers!



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