Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: The Perfect Beach


It's almost officially Summer. I've been dreaming of the beach since like March. It doesn't matter what's going on or where I'm at, during this time of the year my mind tends to wander to the beach ALOT. It's the "curse" of living in Souther California I guess. Oh poor little California girl riiiight? Can you blame me for being inspired by this view though? It's impossible not to be.

First, the colors are so eerily similar to our Windsor colors and secondly, just imagine yourself laying out with the ocean air hitting your hair.


Since the looks in the previous weeks were a little bit on the casual side I decided to make this more of a dressier look. It's not quite black tie but I think it's the perfect night out outfit for the Summer. If you buy one dress for the season this dress is it. Trust me! This dress can be dressed up (see above) or it can be dressed down with the right shoes and accessories.  The colors are ah-mazing and the price is perfect. The nail polish
is such a great reminder of clear ocean water and the purple colors on the cuff and earrings are a perfect match to the dress and the inspiration. Where does your mind wander in the Summer?

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