Thursday, July 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Thinking you're starting the week on the right foot since you are wearing the cutest wedges and then having said foot give out on you. Right foot you let me down.
  • Driving to work totally rocking out to Rise Against. Think drum on steering wheel with fingers and singing out loud only to turn to your right and realize you are being watched. By 2 police officers. In the car next to you. What can I say officers, at least I wasn't texting.
  • People commenting on how quiet our office is. Apparently that's quite rare for this little group of ragamuffins. Are they trying to say we talk too much? Hmmmm...
  • Swearing up and down that you sent an e-mail to someone and them swearing that they didn't get it only to find that the blasted e-mail is still in the drafts folder. Tempted to bust out pen and paper and a stamp or the old school fax machine. E-mail is not our friend this week.
  • Random LONG pauses in a conference call. Can't hang up but have nothing to say. Sometimes I think Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" phrase is a ploy to avoid awkward pauses.
  • Having that "huh" moment from last week's post. Yes, again. It's contagious.
  • Online shopping and having your package end up on top of your boss's mailbox. This is, of course, immediately followed by a mass announcement from aforementioned boss to the building that non Windsor package is ready to be picked up. We work with some characters.

  • Harry Potter comes out this week!
  • So Does "Friends with Benefits" What can I say I never outgrew my N'Sync crush days. Justin may even tempt me to log into my MySpace again.
  • Random Harry Potter quotes that fit into any conversation. "What were you up to today? Oh I solemnly swear I was up to no good today. Uhm ok but you do know that that isn't something a boss wants to hear." That is kinda my fav quote ever. Hence its overuse. Just ask Carly.
  • MissGlamorazzi's Harry Potter gangsta rap tweets. Need I say more?
  • Random tweets with a few girls from YouTube discussing a shopping addiction and then proceeding to tweet random Mean Girls movie quotes. That was sooooo fetch Carly, Alexa and Meghan!
  • Pretty accents. We could hear Brits talk all day about absolutely nothing at all.
  • using our skirt in their Marc Jacobs post
  • Scalloped. Shorts. Yep, finally!

Got any awkward/awesome moments this week? Do share we'd love to hear them!

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