Thursday, July 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • Trying to not limp so you don't have to explain that you pulled a muscle. In your sleep. This does nothing for our klutz reputation
  • Thinking you're the funniest person and laughing at a comment you made only to have 1 person laugh with you--er at you. Not quite sure about that one.
  • Being in the building at the end of day and hearing noises but no one is around. I insist that our building is haunted!
  • Finding out that a person you have done business with leads a double life. Seriously you're engaged?! When did you start talking to real people?
  • Talking to our bosses and insisting that a store is closed only to have them look at us like we've finally cracked. 
    • Them: Uhm the store is still open. 
    • Us: You're wrong. You told us that it was closed. 
    • Them aka owners of the company: No we're PRETTY sure it's still open and we haven't closed it since it opened years ago.
    • Us: Oh. Well this is awkward. You sure?
  • Technology fails.
    • Coworker: Ok it's working you can let her know.
    • Me: Nope sorry can't tell her anything my e-mail is down and I can't message anyone. Grrr!
    • Coworker: Not sure if you know this but there's this thing called a phone that can get the message to her as well.
    • Me: Oh. forgot about the phone that is in front of my face 
  • Had the BEST dinner with Carly, Gina, Alexa and Cristeen at the best macaroon place in LA!
  • The portobello mushroom fries at Bottega Louie. Carly will vouch for this.
  • This skirt. You will live in it! 

Tell us your awkward and awesome's in the comments. We'd love to hear that you're awkward just like us!

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  1. I accidently stumbled upon this blog and fell in love. I love reading all the posts. I enjoy how you girls have a great sense of humor and style. I look forward to reading more. Keep up the great work :)



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