Thursday, July 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

It's almost Friday and boy oh boy are we excited because we have some fun-ness coming to visit us! In the meantime enjoy some randomness while we finish up Three Way Thursday.


  • Having the words that come out of your mouth not be the ones you were trying to say. Caffeine free mornings are entertaining.
  • Realizing too late that the smart aleck comment, which involved the word wedgie, that you just made was directed at someone important. Sometimes our brains are not as fast as our mouths
  • Telling a story and realizing halfway through that you forgot the point
  • Going to watch Harry Potter and realizing that we were not emotionally ready for it when images on Pinterest make us tear up at work
  • Picking up the phone thinking its one person and then realizing you were a tad bit off after having a little convo
  • Realizing that you are too old to vote in the Teen Choice Awards. The 20s are not old! (Quarter life crisis here I come)
  • Going on lunch and sitting at our desk logging on to Facebook for the first time in ages and having the VP walk up behind us. I swear I was on my lunch!
  • Our AMAZING photographer baked us brownies today

  • Our AMAZING photographer made us coffee. Have I mentioned I work with the BEST people ever.
  • Carly Cristman is in LA--impromptu dance party to come
  • The Harry Potter movie is out! Have you seen it?!

  • Realizing how cool the people you work with are when the wedgie comment only resulted in office hysterics. We're a fun lot here at Windsor
  • The Fall boots we have coming in. Seriously, can it be Fall already.
  • The new cozy lounge wear that just came in. Cozy and comfy are my middle names.
  • Lace...anything

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