Friday, July 22, 2011

Fab Fit Friday: Eat Healthy

Eating fruit is best way to stay healthy all summer. The price of fruit is cheaper in the summer since they are in season, and that means they taste fresher. Not everyone enjoys fruit, but there are many ways you can incorporate it into your diet while still grabbing all the important nutrients. The convenience of grabbing and going without any messes or cooking makes it so much easier as well.
  1. Throw some extra fruit into your ice cream or frozen yogurts
  2. Blend up a fruit smoothie
  3. Create a fruit pizza
  4. Top off your salads with fruit slices
  5. Add fruits to your jello
  6. Make a glass of home made fruit juice
  7. Freeze your fruit 
  8. Add Marshmallows or Chocolate to your fruit for desserts
  9. Add cottage cheese to your fruit
  10. Bake your fruit into chips
There are tons of other ways to incorporate fruit into your diets so start munching away! 

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