Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Here Come the Flowers

So the office has been getting calls and calls from newly engaged girls and so of course it stands to reason that we have weddings on the brain. I always knew that there was alot of work involved in wedding planning but until  you hear some of the stories from brides and bridesmaids you don't really get it. That's why this post goes out to the people in the midst of the planning madness. We hope that everything goes smoothly and just know that we're here to help with your bridesmaid needs. A special mention goes out to Rachel from RachhLoves and Lyz Tu-Swt P, one of our Facebook fans that just got engaged.

The color palette is very girly and pink. I know the palette can easily lead the outfit to OD on pink but not to worry we made sure to keep the main pink item in a very light shade so that you avoid the Pepto Bismol look.

Pink Dress//Clutch//Shoes//LipStick//Hair Pins//Earrings//Polish//Necklace

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