Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Punk Rock Candy Cake

....Ok now that we have stopped drooling over this yummy looking cake we will focus on how this cake totally inspired our outfit today.

I know cake can't REALLY be punk but whenever I see pink and black together I have an immense need to play Punk Rock Princess. Anyone else have a need like this when putting color combos together?
Anywho, we used a very simple color palette today and now here is what we came up with it.


I think from reading the blog you'll know that as always I recommend going at least a size up in the crop top so that its loose and slouchy. I, of course, would add a cami but if you've got the gumption to wear the crop top as it was intended then more power to ya! I have been completely ob-sessed with Chanel so the clutch is perfect for me. It's a little bit punk AND has a long chain so that I can carry it as a cross body bag instead of a clutch.

Shhhhhhhh....You can totally use code "hotsummer" and get 20% off sitewide for a limited time. Just a little tip from me to you ;)

Has anyone tried any of our inspiration post outfits? I'd love to see pics! Feel free to send them on over to or post them on our Facebook page!

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