Monday, July 4, 2011

Must WATCH Monday: Transformers 3

Yep, we totally blew off reading this week to head on out to the movies. First, because it was totally too hot to do anything but stay by the pool or head to the beach and second because of the totally cute Josh Duhamel. Don't get me wrong I love a sunny day as much as the next girl but I have to confess that I'm more of a snow girl than a sun girl. The sun has a tendency to make me not want to move even after my usual blast of caffeine. Anyway, aside from the sun making me want to run for the blast of the A/C, I've heard nothing but good reviews about this movie. Mind you it wouldn't take much to get me to go see a car movie. (Fast 5, yep I was totally there at midnight lol)

What It's About:
Drama, sadness, Oscar winning performances by cowboys. Nope. If that's what you're expecting then make a hasty u-turn and walk away. After all, this is Michael Bay we're talking about. Aside from the cars and nostalgia of watching the cartoons when I was younger, this is definitely one of the most anticipated Summer blockbusters (2nd only to Harry Potter) that everyone has been waiting anxiously to see. After garnering over $400 mill worldwide this weekend I'd have to say that I wasn't the only waiting to watch this movie. The premise is simple enough. Meghan Fox's character has broken up with Shia or Sam (can you say ugh what a dumb girl with me!) and now there's a new blonde in town. Yes, this has guy-candy written all over it but again, it's Michael Bay people. Throw in Shia, Dr. McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey and Josh Duhamel and you've got a pretty well rounded cast.
 At this point the autobots have fallen into pretty routine jobs of protecting/helping humans and Sam is at a loss trying to find a job after he kind of saved the world. The autobots come to find that the US government wasn't exactly completely honest about some things and now they have to pretty much fix the situation before the decepticons bring their world to earth and destroy humans.

Why You Should Watch It:
Josh Duhamel.

 JUST KIDDING! Seriously this has Summer movie written all over it. There aren't a whole lot of messages hidden with it but it's definitely a fun Summer film. There are some great action sequences and man oh man when the guys fly through town after parachuting all I can say is whoa. The repelling sequences aren't half bad either. This is definitely a great fun movie to watch and you won't be disappointed. I also loved the dresses Rosie wore in the movie and I will most definitely be posting a few look for less blogs about her looks. In my humble opinion, though, Ken Jeong or Jerry Wang stole the show. He is legit, the funniest guy in the movie. Watch it and come back to tell me you agree.

All in all I definitely think you should head on over to the movies and watch it. The one thing I always like about these movies is the fact that no matter what they hold the same respect for our army, navy and marine guys and gals as I do. No matter what I never forget that there are people out there fighting day in and day out just so that I can have a fun night at the movies. Thanks guys for all that you do for us and Happy 4th of July!


  1. It was an awesome movie and I really enjoyed the girl that took megan fox's spot. She did a better job in my opinion.

  2. Definitely agree with you! She was totally an improvement over Megan.



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