Thursday, August 25, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday: Jury Duty Edition

I'm back!!!!!

So as you all probably heard I was in jury duty all of last week and well let's just say that awkward takes on a whole new level when in court. Here's a snippet of a few fun moments I had while serving.


  • Kinda sorta freezing up the courtroom computer. 
  • Giving the death face when informed that no open containers are allowed inside the courtroom.
     Me: But it's coffee not alcohol! What next you'll tell me no Red Bull is allowed either....                   Court Person:  It's not...                                                                                                                    Me: What?! followed by whimpering....evil glaring begins
  • Forget to eat. Have rumbly tummy in a VERY quiet room. "Oh sorry witness that was my stomach but do go on."
  • Aforementioned rumbly tummy leading to a bout of laughter during a very serious moment in a key witness' testimony
  • Laughter leading to legit glaring and staredown from the defendant's lawyer the entire trial time.
  • Having a minor freakout when the elevator doors took just a tad too long to open. I almost kissed the floor when I got out. 
  • Becoming buddies with the cop at the security checkpoint and being waved in. Guess I don't have a mean face after all
  • Starting time was at 10am. Best. Sleep. Ever
  • Having the court day end at 4:30.
  • Coffee Bean being around the corner. Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Blended=heaven.
  • Hourly breaks courtesy of another jurors low blood sugar
  • That image above....Yep the whole time I kept hearing the theme song from Law and Order and expecting the doors to bust open with a surprise witness. What can I say. I have a healthy imagination.

Any jury duty stories you want to share? I'd love to hear any awkwardness you may have gone through :)

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