Thursday, August 11, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

*"Her boobs look awesome!" Try to make that phrase sound utmost professional.
*Having a model casting call and having to literally look at bodies all day long and check for the randomest things
*Getting to our coffee place and ordering my coffee and then getting my total. I go to pay and he gives me back my change plus extra:
   Me: I gave you exact change, what's all this extra money?
  Starbucks Guy: Oh!  You did give me exact change didn't you. I haven't had my morning coffee
  Me: You work at Starbucks for goodness sake. Can't you put your mouth under a nozzle to wake up?
*Thinking you are some slick girls because you are going to surprise your boss with a birthday party. You head to a meeting which isn't as long as we'd hoped it be so we proceed to stall for an hour by discussing as nauseam various projects we are working on. Boss then runs to the restroom and comes back. We stall for even longer to give the rest of the team more time to set up. Then we take for-ever in the restroom (which is awkward in itself) and then we walk the warehouse only to find that when she went to the restroom she saw the surprise. Party planning fail!

*Birthday parties and cake!
*Our awesome boss's birthday!

*Purple feather dress. Wait til you see it!
*Anh rocking our vest and clutch in

*Kristina showing our printed dress what Switzerland is all about

*Sequins on dresses!
*Exclamations points!

Don't forget to tell us your awkward and awesomes and check out the original Awesome girl herself here!

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