Thursday, August 4, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday:Technology Edition

In this office we like to think that we get along with technology. Every once in a while though, technology turns against us. You might call it a user problem we call it tech wars.


  • Get a key in the mail from a firm trying to garner our business. We pull up the site and the screen says "Enter key Here" most of you would know to move the mouse over the key hole. We try to put the physical key through the screen. No joke. 
  • Having both a business cell and a personal cell might be a blessing for some of you. For me it can cause some chaos. I was checking e-mails on a touch screen phone when I noticed a message on my Blackberry. I kept trying to see the message and I started to have a meltdown because it wasn't working. This lead to me breaking into a laughing fit because it took me a little bit before I realized that the blackberry that I've used for a year didn't suddenly turn into a touch screen phone. I wish it ended there because in the midst of my laughing fit my brother came in and looked at me like I finally lost my mind
  • Accidentally clicking on an Ad while legitimately working only to download an epic virus. 
  • Constantly paging IT because our phone headset wasn't working only to have the guy come down, sit at the desk, pull up the cord to show us that if we actually plugged the headset into the phone it might work.
  • Printer. Jams.
  • Company wide virus. Definitely not fun.

  • Meeting the lovely Rachel and Taryn!
  • New computers!
  • Our awesome photographer Emily! She makes our lives waaaaay easier
  • Spotify makes us happy!
  • PayPal makes shopping so much better. That's why we added it to our site!

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