Friday, August 5, 2011

Fab Fit Friday: Feed Your Sweet Tooth

Taralynn is wearing our navy romper!

If you go through my blog you will notice I have candy bags in my hand a lot. You may ask how am I living a healthy lifestyle if I'm eating candy all the time?! Well the most important thing about a healthy lifestyle is treating yourself. If you deprive your body of treats you will just want it 100Xmore. Many people think that if they have one bad thing to eat than their diet is completely sabotaged, and that's why you should never use the word diet.  I always say "It's a lifestyle, there's no way to fail when limits don't exist" so don't limit yourself to your favorite things in life.  You can always go for the healthier  choice, instead of having a large bowl of ice scream with chocolate syrup and sugary toppings have a bowl of frozen yogurt with nuts and fruit toppings. Moderation is the key. My favorite treat is chocolate! I always buy the 100 calorie chocolate bars at Dylan's


or grab frozen yogurt at Scoops Du Jour in East Hampton. I usually put my favorite outfit on and go walk the square when I go out to treat myself, the extra scoop of frozen yogurt won't matter if I walked it off ;)

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