Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Inspiration Wednesday: Did you Caboodle?

via Pinterest
Can you tell that Pinterest has become an obscene addiction for me? Well aside from that it has become my online inspiration board. This week I came across this Caboodle image and I totally remembered wanting one SO bad! I was still too young to wear make-up according to my mom but it didn't keep me from trying to take hers (yep my mom had a Caboodle). Getting into my 20s has been rough on me. No joke, I'm taking it pretty hard and I get alot of grief from some coworkers that shall remain nameless because they insist that I am cuh-razy for thinking that anything in your 20s is old. In my defense, its not that I feel that being in your 20s is old because its so not. I know that. I'm not a total dork. The thing that's been hard is the fact that I have entered adulthood (eeep!) I totally miss those school Summer breaks where I could go on roadtrips and stay up super late and sleep in til noon.

Now that I have ranted a little and gotten that little piece of crazy out into the blogging world I get into my Caboodle outfit.

 It has a lot of fun colors but it's such a Summer outfit I can't even stand it, I love it so much! It's just a crazy fun outfit but still wearable. Dontcha think?

Top//Skirt//Sandals//Clip//Ring//Bracelet//Pink Polish//Turquoise polish
What do you think of the outfit? Did we capture the 90s?

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