Monday, August 15, 2011

Must Read Monday: Style Yourself by Various Authors

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What It's About:
In one word, style. This book is a compilation of the advice by our favorite bloggers. It breaks down fashion chapter by chapter and it really makes being creative with our clothes do-able. Think of this book as your one stop blogger shop.
Each chapter consists of a basic garment that everyone has in their closet. The book delves into the different types of garments that there are within each category and how to wear them. Not only are the different types of garments displayed, they are also explained. I love the fact that the book is detailed and it doesn't try to dumb down fashion.

Why You Should Buy It:
The bloggers! I think this is one book that you'll be referencing again and again. Not only does it explain in detail all types of garments but it also shows you how to mix things up. The remixes of basic items alone  make this book a must buy. I mean who knew that there were at least different ways to wear a basic button down cardigan-one of which is a scarf! I think this section alone pays for the book. Aside from that how awesome is it that some of the top bloggers are giving you more insight into their lives! I definitely think that this book is such a great investment and you'd be silly to not go out and get it immediately!

If you get this book or have this book let us know what you think in the comments! We'd love to hear about any book recommendations you may have so feel free to suggest any books you think are worthwhile.

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