Monday, August 1, 2011

Must Watch Monday: Captain America

Let's preface this whole review by saying that I have a huge crush on Chris Evans so if I gush about him you'll know why. There's just something about a cute, funny guy isn't there?

What It's About:
I'm not a comic book gal so I won't butcher this story with my synopsis and I'll let IMDB give you the brief summary.
After being deemed unfit for military service, Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret research project that turns him into Captain America, a superhero dedicated to defending America's ideals.
A whole sentence! That's it?! Yep. You can thank IMDB for keeping it short and sweet.

Why You Should Watch It:
Aside from the Chris Evans factor, the movie itself, according to my little brother, did a good job of not butchering the comic book story. Apparently when comic books go Hollywood, the story tends to get distorted beyond belief. Seriously, my 22 year old brother reverted to his kid years when this movie came up. I swear I saw him jumping up and down while waiting in line--it's funny considering he's a grown 6' guy. I dare you to take your boyfriend or guy friends because the giddiness that they are unable to contain is quite a fun sight.
The story has enough action to keep you entertained and it manages to flow easily. Keep in mind that this is a comic book story so don't expect too much thought inducing moments. It is a Disney movie so it most definitely has a positive message as can be expected. The special effects are pretty amazing. Thanks to these I spent most of the beginning of the film bugging the people with me because I couldn't get over the whole skinny Chris Evans part especially knowing that he's not a small guy by any means.
It's definitely a movie you can take your siblings to see. Make a night of it and tell me what you think. For now I leave with Chris Evans post transformation to tide you over for the day. How cute is he! By the way make sure you stay past the credits. There is a nice little teaser at the end.

There are quite a few movies I want to see like The Help and Crazy, Stupid, Love. Any movies you can't wait to see?

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  1. I am not really into these types of movies, but I watched this movie yesterday and really enjoyed it. =]



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