Monday, August 22, 2011

Must Watch Monday: The Help

Let's start this review off by letting you know that I am a big softie. I cry at just about anything so when I warn you to brace yourself for alot of crying please know that I am not someone you want to use as a gauge of how many tears you will shed.

What It's About:
The Help is a movie with our girl crush Emma Stone. It is a movie based on a book by Kathryn Stockett (shocker!) which is pretty popular in its own right. I must admit that I have not read this book just because I have a hard time reading things that are a little sentimental. I know, I know some of the best writing out there deals with hard life issues but I am the girl that cried at Cheaper by the Dozen 2 so its really hard for me to purposefully pick up a book that I know will make me cry.
You know that episode in Friends where Joey gets to the point in Little Women where he figures out that Beth isn't going to make it and he decides to put the book in the freezer? Yep I TOTALLY get him and I am right there with him. There's alot of sadness in life without going out there to find it.
With that said let me go ahead and contradict myself by saying that we have to make it our life's pursuit to learn from other people's experiences to grow as a person. I know that this book is fiction but the basic premise isn't that far off from some of the darkest point in our US history.
The book centers around Skeeter, a recent college graduate who returns home to get some writing experience. While she is trying to make it in the working world her mom is trying to get her married off. When she comes back Skeeter is trying to figure out what happened to her maid Constantine since no one will tell her where she went. The focus of the story is also around two black maids, Aibileen and Minny who are just trying to make ends meet. These ladies have worked their entire lives raising white people's children only to be tossed out and forgotten. The focus of the story is on segregation and the unfairness in which "The Help" lives and the thoughtlessness of their "employers."

Why You Should Watch It:
I can't even begin to tell you all the reasons you should watch it. The main thing is that the message resonates even now. The story itself focuses on race but the message is timeless. We live in a time where it's easier to not get along and treat everyone like a stranger but in the end we're all out wanting to do the best for our family and ourselves. Everyone is fighting a battle in their life and we don't know what someone is going through so before we decide to play judge on someone we should make sure to ask ourselves why the person acts the way they do. The movie has quite a few characters and some you'll love and some you'll hate but whether you love or hate them, let them show you how to be a better person.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. Emma Stone kills it!

Any other movies you're excited about?


  1. I must check this out! Thanks for the review!


  2. This is a great review! I really want to see this movie, Emma Stone is just cute as a button :) I love your blog by the way!



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