Friday, September 23, 2011

Fab Fit Friday: Don't Be Such a Couch Potato

T.V. can be such a comforting thing, almost too comfortable it becomes addicting. After long days at work, stressful days at school, or just a sluggish day, the couch becomes the go to place. It requires no movement and no stressful thinking. Your mind goes straight to the television taking in it's emotions, your hands are occupied by the bowl of chips and the remote control, your body is sinking into the cushions and most likely it's where you'll end up falling asleep.

I am not a fan of cold weather and it's easier for me to stay inside cuddle up with a warm cup of tea and watch a movie, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it should be limited to a certain time of the night/day.

If you absolutely can't resist turning on that T.V. then make some changes.

  1. Keep your hands occupied somewhere else! Ditch the remote and skip the snacks.

  • Grab the basket of laundry and start folding.
  • Clear the table and work on a 1000 piece puzzle. 
  • Flip through a magazine.
  • Get up and clean something.
  • Lay on the floor and stretch your body.
  • Work on a craft. (Knitting, Drawing, Scrap-booking....etc.)

      2. Instead of going straight for the couch, go straight for the door.

  • Kill stress with a nice long walk.
  • Go out for coffee with a friend and talk about your days.
  • Go walk the shopping mall.
  • Join an activity, club, or sport that will keep you busy and social. 

      3. Limit your T.V. time and make it a privilege

  • Choose one of your favorite shows and allow yourself to watch it at that hour, no earlier and no later.
  • Reward yourself with T.V. after a day of staying active and eating healthy.
  • Watch T.V. when you are busy getting ready for something. 
  • Make T.V. a bedtime activity. 
  • Disconnect your cable and make your T.V. just for movies. 

As always don't forget to check out Taralynn's Tumblr for more great fit tips!

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