Monday, September 5, 2011

Must _____________ Monday: Happy Labor Day!

Well, today is the first and probably only day I won't have a a must read book for you. Don't worry I'll be back next week but I am calling today Must *Fill In The Blank* Monday. Pick something to do and no matter what you MUST do it. For example, today I felt that I must have a BBQ and ride my bike so I will. I double dog dare you to pick out a must and then just do it. For some of us work and school starts up with a vengeance tomorrow so I am going to enjoy this unofficial last day of Summer until I land on my bed exhausted. Exhaustion is the key it'll show that the day was worthwhile and fun!

Just in case you're still hoping for something to read I leave you with this image that I feel is perfect for today dontcha think?

Have a great Labor Day everyone and talk er type to you tomorrow! Let me know what you must do today. I'd love to hear all about your day!

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