Monday, September 26, 2011

Must Watch Monday (technically Tuesday): Ringer

Ringer brings back one of my all time favorite TV actresses, Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer when in was on and up until the last season I was an avid watcher. I was a little disappointed when Angel left but who wasn't right?! Anyway this review isn't about Buffy it's about Sarah's new show.

What It's About:
Ringer is a show about twin sisters. The kicker with this story is that this isn't your normal good twin vs. bad twin story. Siobhan, the wealthy twin and Bridget, the recovering drug addict/former stripper/key eye witness to a crime are actually two sides of the same coin. They both have their secrets from each other but neither one is what you'd consider good. Bridget is making amends for all her past sins and she goes to her sister after running away from the cops because she is afraid of testifying in court. She ends up meeting up with Siobhan at her and her husband's Summer house and Bridget tries to apologize. Siobhan seems to accept her apology for something to do with a little boy as well as her addict ways. I presume the little boy Bridget apologizes about is Siobhan's son or something to that effect but I can't be sure. I mean it's only been two episodes so I can't expect to know all the secrets yet. Anyway, the sisters go on on a boat ride and Siobhan pretends to kill herself. What else can Bridget do but take over her life and pretend to be her dead sister right? Bridget returns to Siobhan's home where her husband and stepdaughter live and well shenanigans ensue.

Why You Should Watch It:
I know I may be getting ahead of myself but the show so far is SO good. I've always loved a good mystery and Ringer is full of them. I mean what are the sister's hiding? What is going on with Siobhan and the affair with her bff's husband? What is Siobhan's husband hiding? There are so many questions and the story is only just beginning. I know it sounds a little complicated but trust me that when you are watching the show it is easy to follow. The question that mainly pops in my head is who is REALLY the bad guy in the show? Everyone has secrets and no one seems to be really innocent. I can't wait to see how this show continues and how the story develops.

What do you think, will you be tuning in to watch the show? Any other shows you can't wait for?

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