Sunday, September 25, 2011

These are a Few of Our Favorite Things...

I came across an article on Jenna Lyons a few days ago and it got me thinking....

Normally this could be dangerous as I have about a thousand ideas a minute and not all of them pan out. Some ideas have even be deemed dangerous by my mom. Let's just say I am no longer allowed near her microwave or her oven unsupervised. What can I say cooking does NOT make sense to me. I mean why can't you just double the heat and cut the baking time in half hmmm???? Baking just doesn't make sense in my opinion but I digress.

In this article about Jenna, one of my fashion idols, the interviewer asked the reason behind "Jenna's Picks," a monthly feature where she singles out non J.Crew items that she loves. Jenna goes on to say that people are looking for a level of integrity from who they do business with. It is silly, not to mention, self-centered, to think that everything is about us. Stores, in my humble opinion, have to realize that they are probably not the end all, be all destination for everything a person needs in their life. Obviously there are things that stores specialize in that make them the go to destination for certain things i.e Sephora for make-up, Bakers for Shoes and Windsor for dresses. ;)

Anywho, we decided that she is absolutely dead on with "Jenna's Picks." Here at Windsor we have the ability to experience and learn about alot of things and we want to pass on the really special things on to you. You see we don't just consider you our customers; we legitimately consider you our friends and what are friends for if not for sharing cool stuff. So think of these posts as a peek into our minds. You'll see what's rocking our world at the moment. I promise this is the most you'll ever have to read in these posts.

1. I am obsessed with this facewash by Kate Somerville. It is a little pricier than my usual Cetaphil but I swear this is the perfect facewash for me. It gets all the grime off and it doesn't dry my skin out in the least. I have absolutely sensitive skin and this isn't harsh at all.

2. I love this nail polish by Sally Hansen. It's been a staple for me in the Summer and the best part about it is that it works just as well in the Fall. Definitely a must buy.

3. I am always in search of the perfect mascara and my usual is a Shu Uemura one but this mascara by Cover Girl is such a steal. It works wonders with my lashes. Personally I prefer the brown to the black for daytime but either color works wonders with my lashes without making them gunky and spidery

4. You know I'm in the office if you smell vanilla or cupcakes. I am notorious for lighting this candle when in
need a quick pick me up.

5. You all know that we love our YouTube girls! We don't just work with anyone and we genuinely consider them all friends. Today we want to give a nice shout out to our style <3 Carly Cristman. Stuck in a fashion rut? Then you better head on over to her channel so she can show you how to be even more fab!

6. We're always scouring the internet and magazines looking for inspiration for the gagillion (yes that's a real number) projects we have going. I am absolutely in love with Matchbook magazine and I just can't get enough of it! Best of all? It's free to read!

7. I can't count the amount of times I forget to have lunch because I am working on something. Vanilla Yo Crunch Yogurts have saved my life more than once. I love the fact that you get a little sugar in the cap.

8. Can you tell we have a sweet tooth? No? Well if you weren't convinced that we are little sugar monsters our 8th fav will quelch any doubts. We are always looking for an excuse to head on over to Bottega Louie for some lunch and some macaroons. "Oh, you finished filing those papers? Time to celebrate with some macaroons!" Ok, I'm kidding with the reason but I am most definitely not kidding about my love of Bottega macaroons.

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