Monday, October 17, 2011

Must Read Monday: There You'll Find Me by Jenny B. Jones

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You guys know I love to read right? Well here's a little something about me that I am not proud of; I absolutely abhor reading any sad books. Yes, I do read books with difficult subject matter but it takes me a while to get to them. You know that episode in Friends where Joey puts Little Women in the freezer because he knows that Beth isn't going to make it? Well if I could I would totally put my Kindle in the freezer with some of these books. I have had Before I Die by Jenny Downham in my pending pile for weeks. I know it's a great book but I just can't bring myself to read it just yet.
The thing is that these type of books are usually the ones that are the best type of books to read because they get you thinking. Yes I love chick lit but I as much as I detest being a snotty mess I love finishing a book and feeling like I get what the author was trying to say.
This is the case with There You'll Find me by Jenny B. Jones.

What It's About:
Finley Sinclair has signed up to go to Ireland as a foreign exchange student after a very difficult year. She lost her brother in a horrible tragedy and this led to her downward spiral into hard partying. She comes from a family that is well off so her antic were highly publicized. She travels to Ireland to recreate her brothers own journey so that she can find some answers and an old cross which she feels will help her finish a composition she did for her brother and which she will use for an audition.
While on the plane she ends up sitting next to the latest teen movie heartthrob but, of course, she is unimpressed and he is smitten. The story is one of her Finley's journey, not just to find her brother's cross but also a journey of rediscovering who she is without him and a journey to finding something bigger than herself.

Why You Should Read It:
Again, there are some types of books that I avoid. I am not particularly fond of preachy books that tell me how I should think about a specific subject. This book does a spectacular job of talking about God without preaching religion. Finley doesn't feel like God is listening because of everything she has done. This journey is her road to discovering that she really isn't alone and she isn't as bad a person as she thinks she is.
Finley definitely has alot of issues that stem from the loss of her brother and she definitely feels like God abandoned her. The thing about this book is that this isn't a book about finding religion or God. Yes, it talks about God but really this book is about Finley finding herself after she has lost herself in the midst of tragedy. It's a book about rebuilding your life in spite of the hardships that life has handed out. You can't find fault with a book that talks about hope for the future and talks about finding strength within oneself to grow and evolve into a better and stronger person.

I really hope you'll read this book because it has such a positive message. Be prepared to laugh and most definitely cry.

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