Monday, October 31, 2011

Must Watch Monday (technically Sunday if you don't Hulu it lol): Once Upon a Time


I have been in a reading rut. I've been searching for a good book for you guys but it seems like all the good books are waiting for the holiday season to get here to come out. Queue the tv. I try to avoid watching too much tv because it can be so easy to just get stuck in front of it. As it is I already have a few shows that I have to watch during the week. You already know I am obsessed with Revenge and The Ringer and Covert Affairs is coming back soon. Add Once Upon a Time and that's four hours of tv. My only saving grace is that those hours aren't consecutive.

What It's About:
Once Upon a Time is a show that flip flops between a story world and the "real world." The story centers around Snow White, her Prince, the Evil Witch and Snow White's daughter. The Evil Queen casts a spell to take all of the fairy tale characters from the story world to the most horrible world they can imagine; our world. The kicker is that no one knows that they're really a fairy tale character except for Henry, Snow White's grandson.

Why You Should Watch It:
Ginnifer Goodwin and and Jennifer Morrison are superb! I'm a huge fan of Ginnifer and she does not disappoint. I love the idea behind the show and it's not something that I've seen lately. I know there are a ton of shows out there that deal with the super natural but none that deal with fairy tales. The story is original and although there have only been two episodes so far I have high hopes for it. Only time will tell. I was on the fence about the show but then it had a part where "Emma" asks Snow White why she gave the little boy the fairy tale book and she says that fairy tales teach you to always have hope for a happy ending in spite of the obstacles. I think a show that makes this message the main focus has a lot of potential for greatness. We'll see. Check it out and tell me what you think.

On a side note, if you have any books that you recommend please leave me a comment and I'll check them out.

**Forgot to add that the show airs Sundays at 8pm

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