Monday, October 10, 2011

Must Watch Monday (technically Wednesday): Revenge

Revenge Website

As you know I am a sucker for a good plot. Obviously you know I love a good mystery thanks to my review of Ringer. Well brace yourselves for yet another dra-mystery (yes I am aware that I made that word up) that I think you should all be watching. Revenge is so good and I can't wait until the next episode!

What It's About:
Emily Thorne aka Amanda has come back to the Hamptons to (gasp!) get revenge on the people that participated in the demise of her dad. There are so many people who used her dad as a scapegoat for a crime he obviously didn't commit. This of course ended up with her going to a juvenile detention center and her father going to jail and passing away. Nolan comes to her aid when she turns 18 and tells her that her dad left her pretty loaded. Along with this message she also learns that the didn't commit the crimes he was accused of. What's a girl to do but get revenge right?

Why You Should Watch It:
It's SO good. Ok, ok I know that I say that about everything I review on Monday's but I mean it! The show is so good and I love a show that has awesome clothes. I love the clean, preppy look the actors have and the location is amazing! I love a good mystery and this show definitely has that. I know the plot is out in the open but I still feel like this show is one of those shows that will have a surprise when you least expect it. I can feel it coming. Emily Van Camp is one of my favorite actresses. She is so versatile. She plays a lady but in one of the previous episodes she totally beat up Nolan! Gotta respect a girl that can take care of herself. Another favorite of mine is Ashley Madekwe. I love her snappy attitude and her style is impeccable. Check out her blog for way more awesome looks!

Don't forget to check out the show on ABC on Wednesday's at 10pm or watch it online on the ABC website.

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